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Over 30 Years Of Video Games. A Look Back

Data publikacji: 24.12.2021
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Since I was a kid I've been a conscious player who enjoys games play, write about gaming, as well as delve deep into gaming as a whole. In all those years, I desire to be able to remember the way it all started and the journey it required to ask myself "Did I really spend the time and effort in gaming to nothing?" It's difficult to keep track of the entire timeline of events, exact dates, individuals, locations as well as people, places, dates. However, to create a timeline of childhood memories is definitely feasible. The following is merely my memories from my life and my personal opinion on the events that occurred during those years.

Chapter 1. "Dandy. An exciting new reality." I was raised in a tiny mining town located in the Urals. The town was not really a village but it wasn't a city. or town-like settlement, which was the name used in our magnificent settlement. The distance to the nearest cities was 200 kilometers, and if we could reach and some marvels in technology. It was more advanced than those in urban areas. The way we lived was similar to the majority of families in the past, not affluent, to eat according to the legend however, we needed to save. It all started regardless of how trivial it might be with Electronics. In the same way, if everyone knew about Wolf and Hare and a Hare, then in our backyard was Autoslalom. An engineering marvel at the time, that was a shock to our eyes. It was owned by one of the foremen. However, we also had the opportunity to play. Then it was discovered that my dad knew the dad of the man that owned the console. somehow, he got me to play for a full day. I'm sure I pressed every button before running pixels across the screen. Then I was I was under the impression that the whole thing my parents gifted me with my first a pocket console electronic "Thieves".

I'm not sure what it was however there was a requirement to put bars on windows which they could sneak in thieves. The device was old and it was my most favorite model of Electronica. Then we discovered Ocean and Wolf. Wolf and Ocean, and there were many other versions, but more importantly, we've come to the conclusion that there are a variety of devicesthat provide an abundance of experiences. Next, more. A few more advanced people started an electronic club in the 2nd floor area of the House of Culture. It was made up of 5 Spectrum or perhaps its analogs using Floppy disk drives. For a price I can't recall the company would download it and allow you to play it using the joystick that was placed in front of the screen. Wow, what a treat it was. It was hard to imagine what was happening on screen at the time. One of the most-played game was Renegade. It was a massive beat-em-up that saw the brave heroes smashed the heads of villains, leapt over them on his motorbike, and moved around the various levels. Of course, the old guys played the most, since it was the latter half of the 80's and the game was a jerk however, we would occasionally get some time. My cousin's older brother was a regular visitor to the club often, as did I. In the 90s and the demise of the USSR and the rest of it. The borders opened and the shuttle traders. Commission stores began to open within our nation. One day , my sister whom is older than I am hosted a group of her friends at her house. This was usually a birthday celebration or they just came over to our house when my parents were away. the important aspect was they had along a Famicom console. One of my friend's fathers was a merchant of items, including shoes, clothing, and also traveled around the world. He gave him this amazing experience. Then, he gave it to me so that my son did not have to worry about the other children and just played with toys. It was the beginning of the  1990s.

My sister and I owned the TV Taurus, color, eight-channel and sat in our living room. To him, we connected to the console (a word console at the time that was not known to anyone). Then, after several shamanic manipulations, we were able to make the configuration Yes, I had to do it manually. Connect the antenna input, and then turn your wheel in the television until you can see the image. I was able to see a list of games displayed on the screen. It was an assortment. I'd never recall which one however, I'd always be able to recall the three games since it was the very first I played. Ice Climber, that's what I discovered to the realm of 8 gorgeous and colorful games. In front of the TV with the joystick, and not spending cost of a ticket, what else could one imagine when he was 10 years old. The next sport was Tanchiki. It was a pure co-operative. You could join forces to defend the base while destroying the enemies tanks in the is the World of Tanks you are referring to. And of course, the most awe-inspiring thing in the era of Ducks. Duck Hunt gave me with the chance to shoot at the television, and such entertainment is not something that you are able to look or hear I can imagine that it was difficult for me at the time. I was even outside but I couldn't explain to my family and friends the process, and they didn't believe in it. Although he had left the game to use for the night or for a few days I had the responsibility of returning it. This is how the fervent idea of video games sank within my unsteady mind. I was eager to play it more and more. It was, of course it was my personal Electronica. I'm pretty sure I set all records in it. I talked to my parents every day, telling them how amazing and fascinating it was. Then my dad informs me about it. He has an employee working from home with a laptop in his office, and can organize for me come to play. Then I was introduced to the home-based version of the Spectrum in the same way as the Spectrum was within our group. I would stop by and they would offer me a lot of Floppy disks, then show them how I could load it , and let it sit for a few hours. I was excited to explore those worlds once more.

Sabouter, Arcanoid, Commando and many more. Spectrum generally would hold place in my life and remain with me for a lengthy period of time however, that would be later. It was true that I could not stay indefinitely there, but as time passed. Somebody was already beginning to bring Dandies their home, and at the time were advertised on every iron. Then three consoles came to us to be sold at the store that commissions. These consoles were you are now called like clones of the Famicom However, to us , they were consoles. They were among the most sought-after items on the planet. They resembled automobiles. Joysticks that were positioned on the rear, an antenna and power source in the wheels in front, a cartridge on top, and an additional windshield with the car. It was convertible. My friends and I would go to the market after school to check if anyone else had purchased one. I believe we did it each day. Finding a photo of that exact set is nearly impossible. I found it recently and purchased it for my collection, however it was the red version. I have the black one. It was the day prior to my birthday. It's a long story. A few relatives visited us and left me some money to purchase myself an item. In the beginning I was really looking forward to the remote-controlled car. A pickup truck that had an electric remote and an adjustment lever that could move the remote to move it forward and backward. And an additional feature was that the headlights were turned on when it was driving forward. I'm sorry for the poor quality, but that this is the sole mention on the internet :) So my little cousin and I purchased this vehicle from the local store. In the bedroom, I drove the jeep underneath the bed and discovered that it was parked against something. There was plenty of wire that there would have room underneath the bed, but it's not going to. I glance over there and the headlights from the pickup shine on something that is wrapped in plaid.

I was intrigued in the past as a child, and so I took a look. Then I opened the lid and almost put my hand on the floor. It was an open-top box that was the exact one from the commission shop, in the shape of the convertible. Oh, my gods. How could this be possible? what should I do? I realize that my parents have made a decision on this present for me but they are waiting for the moment. And we cannot sit around waiting. We sat through all the ideas in my head, along with my brother on how to obtain the information however my parents didn't quit. My brother was home late in the evening, and, he was reportedly unable to stand the news. He told his parents everything and they called me to inform me that they'd discovered. My mom later said that since I was already have everything under control, it was time to remove it. There was a lot of joy and excitement. I'm not able to tell you that via a text. So I purchased my own Dandy or more accurately, its beautiful and stunning analog in the form that of an black convertible sporting enormous joysticks as well as a selection of games like 99 in One. Then there was the Sky Destroer, Pac Men, shooters with guns, and other small games. At the time, I was not just playing every game, but recording the playthroughs onto my VCR. I created my own catalogs of games that included descriptions and secret codes. By using the dictionary to translate texts and the audio tracks recorded using the recorder.  I was a huge fan. After that, the world was much more peaceful and didn't involve any turbulence. Dandies were not as rare anymore. We traded cartridges, saw each other, and probably played every game that was being played in our community. But somehow, the excitement was fading a little. I was looking for the variety, but how to find it. This is where the Spectrum becomes a factor again. I had a friend who was an unnamed kid who lived in the backyard and he was younger that me, by just a few decades, however he did have an awesome analog Spek. Magic. A huge keyboard, with an arrow with soft keys and built-in sound. The keyboard was as a computer. He also had a large number of cassettes with games. We played frequently at his place. I would give him an Xbox, and I'd trade him Magic. I began to study not just the basics of playing games with the console, but programme, create text and upload software. Then, when books that described programs were published, which was fascinating to me. It was just so that the player moved to another city, and he gave the Magic as a gift . I own it. And I am a huge fan of Spectrum along with the many games it offers from it. Dizzy, Dan Dare, and the number of hours I was playing Elite it's difficult to remember. I kept a notebook in which I recorded the value of the game and what planet it was located to be able to trade and battle space pirates. Of course the time of our youth was not restricted to video games. We would spend all day outside. We would swim at the quarry. Take a ride on the linoleum slides. We played with knives as well as rode bikes and even snatched apples from gardens of others. It was in the mid-90s, and there was a rumor among the men that someone was playing a console similar to Dandy and there were amazing graphics, with a real-life look. There were sounds, voices, and everything. In the end, Sega came to us.

Sega promptly put all the pieces back in its proper place. Dandy was largely gone. Sega was hunted and was a constant presence in the homes of those that had it. A whole new level of gaming. A different sound, a different picture. The cartridges even looked pretty cool, with each one in their own boxes with pictures and descriptions. It was also a coincidence that it was just a matter of chance there was a youngster at the park who had Sega but not Dandy. He'd played every game imaginable and was looking for something new, He offered to swap games with me. That's how I received the Sega. Although it wasn't technically my own and we swapped for a few months however that period was too long, maybe for more than a month, maybe an entire year or so I'm not sure. However, that was when I acquired Mortal Kombat, Micro Machines, Flashback, Dune2, General Chaos, Cannon Fodder and, of course, my top two favorites Comix Zone along with Earthworm Jim. I played them a few times a week. However, it's quite a bizarre thing. Even after many years Sega remains not the console I remember from my childhood. If I adore Spectrum with a certain warmness as well Dandy is my favourite game, then Sega even though it was a great console, and that it introduced me to many things to learn was not a special experience for me. It isn't something I recall it with admiration. There were individual games however, as a console, it's not. I'd like you to know that nobody around us owned an SNES, GameBoy or GameBoy or SNES during that period of time. We were introduced to these consoles as children only through the television show "Dandy The New Reality".

Chapter 2. "From to the Turn of." Second half of  1990s became known by the name of PC. When computers before this time for us was restricted to Spectrum and a few other computers, in the years 95-98 we were introduced to an actual desktop computer. My high-school friends used two86 IBM as well as a later 486, and later an IBM Pentium 133. It's not necessary to say that our entire focus was on the Pentium 133. We had three friends who would sit all day in his house playing games on computers. It was the time that Norton Commander blue screen became the default screen on. Dangerous Dave, Commander Keen, Death Rally. Around around the same time the computer of my mother arrived at work in the office. Naturally, I had the access. In the evenings, when I was working I would be left to play and the guard would allow go of my building. There was just three games, what. Doom, WarCraft and Alone in the Dark. Orcs were my top choice game, and the initial Warcraft I played all late at night inside the darkness. As time passed, I mastered DOS control and began copying games played by my friend's the floppy disk, and then placing them onto my personal computer. On weekends, my mom made arrangements for me to drive the boy to home. This is why I would take this massive monitor and system box to my home to play a few nights playing Goblins . Sometimes we would stay at my home and play Kommersant throughout the evening. Bonus was and Gamover broadcasting on TV, chatting about the latest games. These were the 15 minutes we were anticipating most from Vint. Then Windows was released while my pal upgraded her system to Pentium. I started playing for hours at night with Need for Speed 1-2 Carmaggedon, Tomb Rider, Quake.

I can remember how uneasy it felt initially playing Quake with a keyboard and mouse at the simultaneously. I was tractor driver with the keyboard. In the late 90s, when I was in high school, there was a Computer Science class. There were typewriters from the past in the classroom, which I can't recall any of them. They were exclusively used in Basic as well as in black and white. Given that I as well as my fellow student were advanced in these areas and our love towards using the Spectrum and our use of the PC was a major factor in becoming the favorite students of the teacher. We were able to help them say various ways and were awarded for these good marks and appreciation. This incident led us to meet an individual who was in many ways the determinant of the course of our lives. He was involved in many commercial enterprises, such as grocery store trucks, assembling computers to be ordered. In the year 2000, the PC subject was just emerging with the first Pentiums were which were the very initial 3D video cards, had just been released. Then we somehow caught the PC gaming scene and when we were still in highschool, we joined him in the game. This was the beginning of my PC gaming experience, and I had never played as often on the PC prior to or since. We formed the first network computer club within the community. Unreal Tournament, Half-Life, Quake 3, Counter Strike. It was an amazing couple of years. We would study in the day and at night, we would go out, and made a small amount of money through it. In the same time, I also got to be acquainted with PlayStation One. PS one. A friend of ours established a gaming club, but not using PCs, but instead with PS one and Dreamcast consoles. At the time, we were already playing a variety of PC games and playing with our fingers on Playstation. The graphics weren't great as well as the game was a bit sloppy. Given that the Internet wasn't yet in existence We drew data from magazines. Yes, we read about interesting projects however the games themselves were not available for purchase. I once requested the use of a console for one day to allow me to get to know him better.

I tried some Crash Bandicut and Twisted Metall and it did not seem to suit me at all. Imagine Crash and the very first Half-Life. The credit was given to the sequel. The school year ended, 2000s arrived and everyone went to the town to learn. In light of my love for the computer, I was able to learn programming. However, imagine the year 2000 and programming. There was no way to restore Windows. Teachers didn't know the details of programming, however it was already required to instruct them, and it was the latest fashion. In general there were a couple of years, I was away from the games. I lived in a dorm room, and there was no room to play with consoles and computers. There were no mobile phones back then, also. The third year of our studies, an unidentified student dropped into our study, and brought along an PsOne. It was at that time that I discovered its capabilities even though at the time, which was 2002, it was old-fashioned. Nevertheless. However. Turismo, Dino Crysis, Persona, Legend of Legaia, Final Fantasy, you are getting the picture. You were enticed by the games to the maximum. The dormitory next to it also established a computer club that was open 24 hours a day. We soon discovered a common ground with the club's management and began to participate in the night-time races. My friend later found a job as an administrator, so we were always able to access top-quality hardware and games. There the Age of Empire, Counter Strike 1.6 and a host of others. The last one was another member of our hostel who provided a computer that was pretty powerful according to those standards. I was hooked on The Elder Scroll: Morrowind. In the early days playing a game on this magnitude was quite amazing. A vast world filled that included a variety of people and characters. I was awed by playing on Vanderfell Island. Vanderfell. After graduating after which I started my first job and rented an apartment, I spent a few hours at home , assembling computers and playing the classics of those years. Similar to F.E.A.R. with Half-Life 2, Toca Race Driver and, of course, NFS Underground 2.

Chapter 3. "Life without a computer. It doesn't matter how you think about it, computers were becoming more powerful, costly and larger. It was the Playstation 2 was already thundering all over the world. I was in a large city, but didn't have children yet and was also attracted. PS2 is my very first console that I purchased by myself using the funds I earned. It was for me the console that was my most loved and primary one. When I first purchased it, I was working an evening shift. I was selling groceries and in the evening, I was as a night-watchman 24/7, three days. There was a television and I played Jal&Daxter 3 from it The game was purchased using the console. I was in love with the game. Incredible gameplay and graphics. The big cities, the buggy rides and vibrant characters. A must-play as well as one of my top Ps2 games. Then came Primal among the very first titles to be fully translated and dubbed Russian. Then came Gran Turismo again (part 4). Fantastic race. Of course, the legendary NFS"Most Wanted. My most favorite Slasher DMC 2-3. It's the ultimate glorification for me is MGS3: Sneak Eater. I've always been against changing firmwares and the console was left unaltered for the remainder of my life. The games were expensive however there were many locations where you could exchange the game you were playing at a cost. It was not possible to get Avito at the time however the magazine known as PlayStation Magazin which always came with a CD containing lots of demo games as well as different trailers. It was through it that I first tried Black as well as Dragon Quest 8. It was the Dragon Quest demo was locked to one hour of free play. I played that game 20 times. After that, I purchased Final Fantasy X-2, still am a fan of the game. It was at the time stunning in its visuals and had an original combat system and a massive ranking tree. In the middle of the 2000s, the atmosphere of the game started to fall. Other events began to surface. I began snowboarding and I got the car of my dreams. Another job. And I also sold my PS2 along with all the discs. However, as you can see, they're not a term as an "ex-gamer. The next generation is being released. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. They were also a totally different type of device. When they transitioned into the 7th generation the consoles increased far enough regarding graphics, game play as well as interface, that it became nearly impossible to keep up with the consoles. I began circling them in shops. Each when I was near the counter, the interest grew and the information that started appearing in magazines, and by this point, on the internet was mind-blowing. The stunning graphics, the brand new experience as well as the potential for networking. It was a very difficult decision. The box or Ployka. Comparison of graphics, preferences for franchises and much more. Although the PlayStation was an established brand and I was an avid fan but not many people were aware of the Xbox 360. In my early college days, I was able to check out an Xbox Original, but then it was out of my reach financially. However I had the option of. It was a credit card purchase. Xbox 360, 20GB, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Bundle. I bought it with a friend at home, then came back, plugged it in , and then said say goodbye. Calda was an amazing game. There was no one else who had done similar to that before. So pathetic, so large-scale. With a myriad of missions and such a high degree of graphic and set-up scenes. Captain Price. This is how easy it was for me to be a part of the crate crowd. First time I joined I had something to entertain myself with games. They were expensive, but less so flashing, but that this was not your thing. My friend and me with whom we would hang out on the PC in school download demos and burnt them to DVDs. It was also possible to download the demos directly onto the Xbox and play them, but with a hard drive that's 20GB it was impossible to expand it. In all, I had an entire pile of demo discs.

A GRID demo, with an option for playing games on the network in which we made jokes about the Italians, Germans and other foreigners who sat in the lobby. Their most requested questions were on bears, vodka, and the balalaika. This actually happened. At the office which I was working in I met a group of people. They had a desk in the basement where managers were seated and there was an office for chilling out that was separate. There was a sofa and large TVs, so it was possible to sit down and talk about the business of the day and smoke cigarettes. Then we had the conversation of games. I replied, "I took a box and found this. Director of the office, who is an aspiring young man was impressed by the concept and we hurry to the shop and buy an Xbox 360, four gamepads and then an enormous TV that begins the Call of Duty extravaganza. Multiplayer let us divide this screen in four pieces and we made a huge mess. The number of nights we spent there. It was a very private club of hobbies. In addition, to Kolda and N++, there was an amazing game called named N++. If you don't know that it's a game in which a stickman-sized little boy (stick stick, stick, and pickle, which turned out to be the man) is rushing through the maze, collecting crystals over time and then pressing the buttons to leave the level. The person who played it will be able to comprehend. The game played in a single display at 4 is an enjoyable experience. Wonderful days. The Xbox even helped me out on an evening date. It even had animated screensavers. Screensavers. One of them was the fireplace. It was a live fire with and the crackle of logs. We would drink wine and talk about the best things in front of the fireplace. Ah, youth, thanks to him. Then I found married. Wonderful memories. My wife's favourite game Prince of Persia 2008, even though she's not a participant at all however, this game was entirely by herself. I had this game for over 3 years and then, as it was supposed to. The 3rd Fire of Death. After passing through the beloved DMC 4 I experienced freezing on the entire screen and also the much-loved light in the panels. Luckily, it was revealed it was because Mikey extended the warranty on the factory to 3 years to cover the 3 flames of the death. It was also possible to swap it out to the recently launched Xbox 360 Elite in a black case, and it had 250GB or more.

It didn't last long enough either. Three flames did not display that version any more There was a change in the game. Uncharted 2 took place. Uncharted 2 just fell on me like a roaring thunderstorm from the sky. Yes , I did look over the first chapter and played it in one of the booths for demos however, overall I was totally happy with the game and there was not a competitive platform exclusive race. However, as Drake declared that you had the ability to experience it. I was so excited to purchase an PlayStation 3 that practically the same day, I made an arrangement with a friend who had been interested in for an Xbox as a gift for their sons for quite some time. I gave the console to him for the price of the PS3 If I'm not mistaken, it was somewhere close to 15k. That the same day I bought the final console from the Uncharted 2 The Among Thieves Bundle. I don't see any need to talk about the game in itself. It's a masterpiece that will be enjoyed by all oldies. It's a magnificent journey. So, I went back at the campsite of Sony for the second time. And from then on I was there for a considerable period of time. It was the introduction of Ps3 that I began to revive an interest in collecting games. I started collecting. This is something I continue to do until this day. Chapter 4. "Epilogue" There have been a few years since the last chapter. There was also"Epilogue," then there was the Ps4 as well as The Xbox One and all the consoles I'd like to test. 3DO, Dreamcast, Gamecube, Nintendo Wii and many more. I have closed nearly all the graphical options that I would like to play. The ones I would like to hold the gamepad on. Experience the thrill of. It's been many years since I've played with PCs, and later I changed to Windows and then to Mac OS. The PC as an entertainment platform has long been away for me even though it was a huge part of my life during my childhood. I've always loved consoles ever since being a child and I continue to do so however, I enjoy the games themselves more, regardless of the platform they're released on. Nowadays, I'm able to play almost any device, not even including the arcade machine that is assembled. However, every year I started to observe that even if the experience of playing remains, the enjoyment diminished with each play. To say that prior to the grass was more green and the pixel was brighter in this narrative is nonsense. But, what do I want to say specifically when I look back, in order to address my question "Did I really spend all that effort and time playing games that were not worth it?" The answer is yes. Due to my love for video games, I was an extremely involved and interactive child.

I had an enormous imagination and was quick to find the common ground with others. I came across all kinds of fascinating people. I was always looking for something new, or watching or doing research. Because of my games, I had a wide range of emotions and experiences. I began to study English. Examining things from various perspectives and angles. To appreciate artistic and cultural aspects. Differently reacted to different circumstances. I learned to write long texts at the final. Video games became an integral element of my existence. Who knows the kind of man I could be without the games. In all honesty, I'm not unhappy with every game I've ever played, or the time I've had playing these games.